The How

Future Thynk

Our Work

Talent Attraction, Delivery, and Operational Effectiveness
HR Model Effectiveness: Current / Future Capabilities

Vendor Evaluation: Review / Optimization
Outsourcing, Self-Perform, Hybrid Operating Models

Future of Work: Contingent, Global Expansion, Hybrid,
Scalable, Sustainable Models

Workforce Planning – Get Ahead of the Curve
HR Reporting & Analytics

Training and Development Review/Analysis,
Building the Workforce of Tomorrow Now

HR Systems Review and Optimization, Vertical Partners
& Alliances, Change Management & Adoption Strategies

The How


Dynamic Change Management

  • Communication Management
  • Hyper care / Aftercare
  • Training / Utilization / Adoption

Future of Work

  • Human-Centered Design
  • Organizational Growth Capacity
  • Alternative Workforce Solutions
  • Automation / Optimization
  • Skill Enhancement - Build for the Future

System Integrations

  • Project Management
  • Vendor Selection
  • HCM / LMS / ATS
  • Reporting Suites

Talent Delivery / Optimization

  • "Go-To" Market Strategies
  • Brand Optimization
  • Diversity, Belonging, and Inclusion
  • Workflow Optimization
  • AI Installations

New Ventures / Partnerships

  • Identify and Develop New Venture Strategies
  • Acquisitions / Equity Investments
  • Strategic Expansion
  • Global Partnerships

Workforce Structures

  • Outsource / Insource / Hybrid
  • Shared Services
  • Centers of Expertise
  • Scalable / Agile / Capable

Consulting on Demand

  • Strategy Development and Delivery Consultants
  • Change Management Practitioners
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

How We Work

Exploratory / Solutioning

A deep review of your organization: focus groups, data, customer/employee view, organizational structure.

Examine / Evaluate

We take the time to brainstorm with our team of data analysts to support our approach to define measurable results.

Time to Achieve

After gathering the results of our discovery phase, we present our finds but, more importantly, our recommendations and methods of execution.


Terms are agreed upon, and we develop an implementation project plan and timelines.

Confirm Outcomes

In combination with Execute, we predetermine success measurements – how and what to measure.

Achieve Results

Final measurements are conducted, and results are achieved.

Monthly Engagement Fee Structure, No Travel or Consultant Costs

• Future Thynk engaged for implementation and execution. The monthly engagement fee supports discovery, and analysis and recommendations.

Performance Bonus on Achieved Results

• Results are achieved, and performance-based fee structures are paid for targeted business results.

How We Differ

Future Thynk

We Create and Implementation Solutions: Blend of Strategic and Tactical

Future Thynk

Change Management and Adoption are Incorporated into all our Work

Future Thynk

We Dig In: Deliver Solutions and Leave Advising To The Others

Future Thynk

Confident in our Solutions – You Pay At Results